Dive into the world of Christiana Maxion, a former New York finance professional turned certified dating coach and matchmaker in Dubai. Witness her bustling day, starting at 7 am with client applications and spanning global matchmaking for over 40,000 singles. With a remarkable 96% success rate, memberships range from $30,000 to $150,000. Discover her latest venture, the AI-powered app, Maxion: Match & Meet, connecting like-minded singles in the UAE. Join her journey as she navigates software development, client makeovers, and the art of playing cupid, revolutionizing the dating scene in the vibrant city.

Discover the future of connections with Christiana Maxion's app launch in October. At 10 am, delve into her meetings with software developers for Maxion: Match & Meet, an AI-powered social matchmaking concierge. Unlike swiping tools, it caters to both romantic and platonic connections. Users receive compatible profiles, deciding to meet up or not, while the app's AI algorithm masters user preferences. Navigate the modern minefield of relationship-building with Maxion, simplifying connections in a post-pandemic world. Explore how this app assists users in forming real connections while satisfying the craving for companionship. Join the robot revolution today!

Embark on a day with Christiana Maxion, the matchmaker extraordinaire. At noon, witness the unique '360-elevation process,' where she guides clients through personal growth in dating. Afternoons are dedicated to client catch-ups, offering hands-on improvement in various aspects. By 5 pm, Ms Maxion shops for lavish gifts at the mall, sharing heartwarming success stories. As 8 pm approaches, love takes center stage on first dates, meticulously curated by Ms Maxion. Despite her own single status, she prioritizes her matchmaking business, app launch, and TV program. Join the journey of love elevation and memorable moments with Ms Maxion.