Dive into the intriguing world of matchmaking with this week's 'How I got my job as...' series featuring Christiana Maxion, founder and CEO of Maxion: Match & Meet. Discover her journey from a New York native to the leading matchmaker in Dubai. Explore her unique approach to revamping the dating scene, with a database of over 40k members, including female C-level executives, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and models. Learn about her transition from being a springboard diving coach to a successful matchmaker, and how she combines expertise, psychology, and additional services to create meaningful connections. Join us as we delve into the heart of matchmaking success stories and uncover the secrets of love in the UAE and beyond. Read more here.

Embark on an exclusive journey with Christiana Maxion, the renowned founder and CEO of Maxion: Match & Meet, as she reveals her path to becoming Dubai's leading matchmaker. Explore her fascinating career, from a straight-A student to a springboard diving coach, and the unexpected twists that led her to create a revolutionary matchmaking agency. Dive into the secrets of her success, boasting a 95% success rate and a 40k+ member database. Learn about the daily routines, key elements of her role, and the challenges she conquered, including venturing into the tech world. Join us as Christiana unveils her future plans for MAXION: Match & Meet and a television show. Experience the world of elite matchmaking and entrepreneurial triumphs in this captivating interview with Emirates Woman.