Explore the fearless journey of Christiana Maxion, 'The Dubai Matchmaker,' from Finance to Education, and now the founder of an AI-powered social matchmaking app. Dive into her daily routine, including the first 30 minutes focused on global team management. Learn how she revolutionized dating in Dubai, launching Christiana Maxion Solutions, and subsequently, entering a groundbreaking partnership with Patti Stanger’s Millionaire’s Club and Cinqe Matchmaking. Uncover the secrets of her success and fearless career transitions in this exclusive interview. Join us for a glimpse into the life of a dynamic entrepreneur shaping the matchmaking landscape. Read more here.

Unlock the secrets of MAXION: Match & Meet's user-friendly optimization through exclusive beta testing with 500 selected users. Built by the team behind billion-dollar apps like Calm, Gymshark, and Marks & Spencer, MAXION prioritizes UX for seamless connections. Founder Christiana Maxion emphasizes the importance of feedback in achieving successful matches. Discover unique features setting MAXION apart, including an advanced compatibility algorithm and a commitment to high-caliber, verified members. Learn how MAXION balances scaling with quality, combining handpicked processes with tech advancements. In this Fearlessness Issue, Christiana shares advice on fearlessly making real-life connections: be proud of your unique qualities and adopt a 'duck' mentality, letting challenges roll off your back while staying focused on your pursuits.