Feel like the road to finding love just never seems to end?

You're not alone. The struggle for creating meaningful connection in a fast-paced city like Dubai is a story we've all heard before. 

But here’s the twist: it’s not your location that’s stopping you from meeting someone. You’ll be shocked to hear, it's not the lack of decent people either. 

Dubai is home to so many incredible men and women - all searching to settle down with a special someone. Our Founder, Christiana Maxion, has had a 96% success rate in her matchmaking business, bringing 1000s of happy couples together. So it’s safe to say the potential is definitely there.

The real problem?

It’s that long list of attributes and traits you’re carrying around.

Yep - we know you’re harboring that check-list of your perfect person, hoping to tick each box every time you meet someone. 

But if you're genuinely serious about finding love, it's time to THROW THAT LIST OUT.

There’s nothing wrong with having high standards. But you need to be focusing your standards in the right places. Because we hate to break it to you -

FInding a 6ft guy or a blonde Russian chick is not going to be enough for building a real relationship. You need to be focusing on embracing a narrative. 

Imagine how you want to feel with someone. Picture the future you desire for yourself, your partner, and your family. Concentrate on the character qualities and values that truly matter. And sure, you can keep two physical traits on your list, but that's it.


Because relationships that are gonna stand the test of time are built on shared values and mutual understanding.  While physical attraction is an undeniable aspect of romance, it's the deep, meaningful connections that sustain a relationship through life's ups and downs. Shared laughter, mutual respect, and common goals form the backbone of any lasting love.

Asking the right questions on a date can help you find out whether it’s going to be a potential match. Not to mention, you’ll get to skip the boring small talk while building a foundation for a deeper connection. 

If you’ve been clenching onto that list for so long that you don’t know where to start-

We got you covered.

Here’s a few ways you can start pointing your standards in the right direction…

Get Crystal Clear

When it comes to writing a narrative, it’s going to require you to think in detail. Grab a journal and brain dump all the thoughts that come up around the questions below so you can get crystal clear on what truly matters to you!

  1. Describe how you want to feel when you're with your ideal partner. Is it safe, understood, inspired, joyful, calm? Why do these feelings matter to you?
  2. Imagine a regular day with your ideal partner. What activities do you do together?
  3. How do you communicate and solve problems? Focus on the interactions that illustrate your shared values.
  4. Envision your life 5, 10, or 20 years from now with your ideal partner. What does that picture look like? How have you grown together, and what have you achieved as a team?

Once you’re clear, you can start tuning into how you feel around someone and keep these things in mind while figuring out if they’re the right fit for you.

Now that you know what you want, it’s time to do some digging into them to see if they are the perfect match for you ;)

Here’s some questions you can ask them on a date…

What Are You Passionate About?

Nothing's hotter than someone who's got a fire for something they love. When you learn about what lights them up, you'll see right away if you're matching flames or if you're just going to end up fanning each other's embers.

How Important Is Family to You?

A BIG but important topic. This question will allow you to find out how deep their roots go, and if you're looking at someone who's all in when it comes to Sunday brunches and family group chats. When family values align, you're not just dating each other; you're potentially joining forces for a future of family get-togethers, traditions, and support systems that feel like home.

How Do You Define Success?

If your version of success is having a balance of work, play, and love - but your date is all about climbing that corporate ladder - it’s probably not gonna work out long term. But if you're both singing from the same success? Jackpot, baby.

What Does Your Ideal Relationship Look Like?  

If you're all about that ride-or-die partnership, packed with building empires and going on adventures but your date’s all about Netflix and Chill, it’s probably a hard pass. But if they’re all about that too, then you know you’ve got yourself the perfect co-pilot to do life with!

What Role Does Health and Fitness Play in Your Life?

If you're the type to hit the ground running (literally) and they'd rather hit snooze, it might mess with your flow. But finding out early means you can either find a middle ground or agree to disagree – gym date or meet for brunch post-sweat?

What’s Your Attitude Towards Money and Finances?

Imagine you're saving for that dream home or a little one's college fund, but they're living for now with zero in the bank for tomorrow. Sounds like a recipe for a money headache. Best to talk cash and dreams early on, so you're not left picking up their tab or your broken heart.

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